llamo emiLia (or just emily of you please) (_lovin_life_) wrote in peacelovemusic,
llamo emiLia (or just emily of you please)

alright i seem to have created some confusion. My ranting post was to stir some emotion in people, get them going, see who i could get to stand up and use their voice. I was not stating i wanted to take the world on and solve all problems at once. Oh dear me, no. I have a goal. This is what i have figured out thus far. I am sick of people ranting ranting ranting, no action. So my movement, voice, will get things done. I have so many things i want to fight for but i cant do it all at once, so i need to narrow it down. ONce i narrow it down and get my first main 'cause', if you will, and start some action. I will get media attention for this and then slowly but surely attack causes one by one. Patience and class will take us far. I have many good ideas and i have a good way to get to people. I promise once i get this straightened out i will explain and let you know what you can do and exactly what this fight is for haha. Know now that basically its our time to speak up, have a voice, and most importantly be heard and get shit done! peace,

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