llamo emiLia (or just emily of you please) (_lovin_life_) wrote in peacelovemusic,
llamo emiLia (or just emily of you please)

alright, so here's the deal. I have a voice. Im taking a stand. My friend Grace has pledged that she will join me. Now our voice has grown a little louder. If you are ready to fight back please contact me and once we get things going i will let you know what you can do. The wheels in my head are turninn and i already have many ideas stirring. If you want to be set free, join us. If you are sick of society's pressure and ideals being shoved down your throat, join us. If you are sick of computers, the media, w/e thinking for you, join us. If you are sick of our country being run by this fool join us. If you are sick of prejudice, sexist, racist, anything, join us. No matter what color your skin is, your age, your background, what you look like, what you stand for, how many eyes you have, join us. If you are ready to get some morals installed back into this messed up world join us. If you are ready to fight for true freedom and being allowed to do or use whatever whenever, join us. If you are ready to stand for what you believe in and take a few blows (trust me it will get ugly) then join us. If this interests you at all or you know anyone who you think it will contact me, please. Any bit of help you can offer will be much appreciated.

Emily May (847) 571-5609 (cell)
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Iam in for sure. Let me know how i can help, and i will ne happy to.

awsome thank you megan
anytime :)
I'm totaly for this!!!...
i already have many ideas stirring... What kind of ideas???
what do you have in mind??
i have a lot in mind but i have to first organize my thoughts and pick one or at least a more narrow subject. Once i pick this i will then have series of actions (i will tell you specifics on this) and get media attention then take on stuff slowly but def surely
I'm definitly in. Just tell me how I could be of some help. My email's xlxdarkangelxlx@hotmail.com. Hope to talk to ya soon!
k i emailed you, so we'll keep i touch i will def let you know
im in. comment on my lj if you want me to do something.
peace and love
I'd like to help in any way I can.

My email is bonnieblue0001@yahoo.com